Artist: Various Artists
Title: Frogology
Label: Frogadelic Records
Total Playing Time: 79m46s
Catalogue Number: FROG01CD
Format: Digipack, Digital
Mastering: Cass @ Wired Masters
Release Date: September 26th 2009

1. OOOD - Frogology (8m56s)
2. Flip Flop & Tron - Material World (8m35s)
3. AMD - Roadshow (7m46s)
4. Braincell - The Big Trick (7m43s)
5. Fearsome Engine - Frog Addict (7m44s)
6. Rastaliens & Virtual Light - What Happened (6m52s)
7. Archaic - Soothsayer (6m27s)
8. E.V.P - TOF-U (7m18s)
9. Subliminal System - Malevolent Intent (9m49s)
10. Scorb - It's About Time (Frog Remix) (8m14s)

On our 9th Birthday Tribe of Frog is proud to announce the birth of Frogadelic Records and our debut psytrance release 'Frogology'.

'Frogology' is a collection of 10 scintillating exclusive tracks by some of the froggies favourite live acts that have performed at the infamous Tribe of Frog parties. Featuring artists such as Fearsome Engine, OOOD & Scorb that have written tracks specifically for this special compilation. A frog approved quality cluster of funky, psychedelic, main room mammoths and electro wolloped psytrance that encapsulates some of the amazing energy that you will find at a ToF party.

Love & ribbits to everyone that has laughed, danced and partied with us over the 9 years. Your support and part in the magical frog adventure has been essential. Thank you! x x x